Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Report submission and poke stop visit

Today i had to submit my training report which i did this summer. I made the report after 2 month. With one version rejected the second version was finally accepted. And i am very happy with all the demonstration of the prototype that i built with the knowledge i gain(i suppose :) ).
After the all this hussle it was time to end the college and come home. But me and my friend decided to take a break from our routine and stoping nearby at hanuman mandir.
There is a pokestop and when you flip the coin there we get few poke balls. I have plenty as i dont use to paly the game often. But my friend finished all his pokeball. So he was very happy to get few balls and he also a poke egg.
Then the next is obvious at the ahuja dhaba. where we get few more pokeballs. He also told me to update my pokemon app to the latest version for using some new features.

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