Sunday, September 18, 2016

Day one : arrival of chikungunya symptoms

Date: 18-09-2016

Last week my mother got the ugly chikungunya. At first i did not even know how to pronounce the name of this new virus. After a quick search on the Internet i found out that this is a very pain full kind of virus.

One morning she told that she has fever. we gave her the paracetamol 500mg to bring the fever down. but then the joint pain kicked in and we know it is something different. It was unbearable so we had to take her to emergency.

Rockland hosp. Dwarka very unprofessional staff. Cheap and miser people. After about two hours we got some idea of the chik-v. but we are not sure. and from the symptoms, We are certain that it is chik-v that she got. So started giving some paracetamol(500 and if pain is more then 650mg). this doesn't work. Fever went away as the bodies immune system kicks in. So finally after 4-5 days the fever is not there. A i think this is the acute phase of the chik-v problem and now she is continuing in the sub-acute phase where she now has the joint pain in one knee. She cant stand properly that is another big issue but the knee pain is the main culprit here for the time being.

Now it's my turn to get sick. Yesterday some symptoms appeared like pain in the only  one left hand finger and stiff abdomen and some what pain in the knee.
But toady the real thing stuck. The amount of pain is increasing. i am scared that i will get this silly unbearable knee pain and rashes and all the bad dirty stuff.

To be on the safe side i am taking giloy(patanjali version) and drinking coconut water daily. as the main chef is in bed, resting.  All the food is coming from dhabas. so can't complain about that.

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