Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amba Cinema

today i was getting ready to go out, then suddenly my friend called me and said that he wants to do bunk. So we did the bunk. But we didn't planned anything for the bunk. And when we met on the inderlok we haven't decided anything. Then we decided to go watch movie. But then all the morning show are expensive in Delhi. But there is one that still cheaper then rest. So we went from there to amba cinema.
The parking inside the cinema hall is good and spacious. and the staff is somewhat friendly and somewhat rude. Go along the rules and you are okay but as soon as you try to break any rule you will feel the rage. Apart from that everything is fine.
Sound and Audio quality is very good. I think it is even better than the multiplex out there. I watched pink here. which is a very good movie and the quality of sound is very good. It not that loud. And the Dolby thing that they have installed is awesome. Picture quality is very good sharp.


It is as good as your stupid pvr, I don't like small things.

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