Friday, July 29, 2016

solution for slow wifi on Laptop but fast on mobile device

After the death of my dlink 2730 modem. My setup for the connecting to the Internet has been changed drastically. From a single device managing now i have two separate devices for the networking purposes and both of them has a brain of their own.

I was getting this annoying irritating problem that whenever i connect my laptop with my router the INTERNET speed is in the range of 10 to 15 kilo bytes. that was only the 10% of the bandwidth. So what was the problem.


The problem is with the windows power saving. Windows power saving modes are designed to save power consumption by reducing the bandwidth. I don't know the whole technical details but from what i know.


Change your power saving mode from "Power  saving" to "Balanced OR High Performance".

NOTE: Even in the balance mode when you disconnect your laptop from the adapter the power saving mode kicks in and the speed of the network is again reduced. To overcome this problem you can change the advances settings. But i do not recommend doing that.

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