Thursday, July 28, 2016

From Page 1 to Page 4

Eventually everything comes down.
This is the line i am starting my blog with this time. As the latest news in the newspapers is that yahoo is being sold to verizon for something about 4 billion$. 
I searched my lisiting on google search. I started this blog when i left my first college. And for almost two year i was at the first page. But now here i am at standing second from the top at the page 4. Nobody looks at page 4 now a days. They sometimes goes to page 2 but thats it. No one sees page 3. And Page 4 that was the dead end for searches.
Besides that why would anyone look at page 4, anyways. 

Why I lagged behind so much?

Well this is a question that i have been trying to get  the answer. And right now i'm on this conclusion. That i never finish what i start. I go till the very end. But i never finishes that work/play.
I get bored and leave that work. I love other things which are not very productive. And from the past few days i have been trying to find out more about myself. And i have found out that i can work things out for me and for everyone else. 
I also came to know that i am not a team player. I couldnt keep up with anyone. That's what i think for now. But i like working alone. and I like playing the role of a one man army. Well thats how i like to play!!!

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