Sunday, July 31, 2016

What is internet?

As you all know about Internet. There is no need for me to tell you about it. You use it in one way or the other. But latest news and developments has changed the course of the Internet. Well let me tell you how.

First of all the Internet is for people who can pay. IT'S NOT F***ing FREE. It's Not, absolutely not.

Second, every thing you do share and whatever you do is on the INTERNET. So you cant change the history. If you did it then you have  etched it for forever. NO ESCAPING EVER.

these two points are enough for me to explain what is happening. 

I think the security protocols going to be so secure that encryption will the be hardest for anyone. To break into.

We have seen how the encrypted chat software are becoming the next big thing. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

solution for slow wifi on Laptop but fast on mobile device

After the death of my dlink 2730 modem. My setup for the connecting to the Internet has been changed drastically. From a single device managing now i have two separate devices for the networking purposes and both of them has a brain of their own.

I was getting this annoying irritating problem that whenever i connect my laptop with my router the INTERNET speed is in the range of 10 to 15 kilo bytes. that was only the 10% of the bandwidth. So what was the problem.


The problem is with the windows power saving. Windows power saving modes are designed to save power consumption by reducing the bandwidth. I don't know the whole technical details but from what i know.


Change your power saving mode from "Power  saving" to "Balanced OR High Performance".

NOTE: Even in the balance mode when you disconnect your laptop from the adapter the power saving mode kicks in and the speed of the network is again reduced. To overcome this problem you can change the advances settings. But i do not recommend doing that.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Key to learning micro controller programming

Every now and then you will find yourself thinking about a new project and it need  to control some random thing. From Light bulb to turning on a factory to rotating a motor half circle.

To control most of the things you will need a micro-controller. Thats what you need. 
What part to focus on if you are a very beginner.
Well! there are different parts working in a harmony in a controller. But you need to focus on the INPUT and OUTPUT ports for now. 

If you don't know what ports is?
Try goggling them

From Page 1 to Page 4

Eventually everything comes down.
This is the line i am starting my blog with this time. As the latest news in the newspapers is that yahoo is being sold to verizon for something about 4 billion$. 
I searched my lisiting on google search. I started this blog when i left my first college. And for almost two year i was at the first page. But now here i am at standing second from the top at the page 4. Nobody looks at page 4 now a days. They sometimes goes to page 2 but thats it. No one sees page 3. And Page 4 that was the dead end for searches.
Besides that why would anyone look at page 4, anyways. 

Why I lagged behind so much?

Well this is a question that i have been trying to get  the answer. And right now i'm on this conclusion. That i never finish what i start. I go till the very end. But i never finishes that work/play.
I get bored and leave that work. I love other things which are not very productive. And from the past few days i have been trying to find out more about myself. And i have found out that i can work things out for me and for everyone else. 
I also came to know that i am not a team player. I couldnt keep up with anyone. That's what i think for now. But i like working alone. and I like playing the role of a one man army. Well thats how i like to play!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Led Blinking using pic16f877a

The circuit is very simple and it is the basic circuit. It consist of a micro controller and a led and a resistor and power supply. you can make this circuit on breadboard. 

The code is very simple.

#define _XTAL_FREQ 1000000
void main()

Burned Microcontroller

Due to wrong connections and setting wrong fuse bits these micro controllers are dead.

    ~ATMEGA 16
    ~ATMEGA 32
    ~AT TINY 2313

Monday, July 4, 2016

Old Samsung D760 Camera Taken Out for a spin

The best camera is the one which is in your hand. Not the one sitting on a desk. If its not running than that thing if of no use. Use the thing which are around you to make more things which will help you.
Trying to do many thing at once is really hard. 

I try to make myself busy by doing something when i feel like bored. I also have this bad thing that when i go lazy i don't become lazy or sloth like for a  moment or two. But, instead that thing continues building up slowly and it explodes and then when i am out of the lazy circle. I do all the things at a very fast pace. Sometimes i cant really understand what's happening around me.