Monday, January 25, 2016

Vertigo 1958 a Review

In the beginning it was all the scene of a police men running after a culprit on the roof of san fransico homes. And then, all the phobia related scenes and then the case of someone wife. Finding whats wrong with her is the plain job. But no our hero has to fall in love with the wife of someone else. Or one can think of that she lured him into all this.
yeah i know that was what's happening but hey we still in the case. then the usual story goes on the. The mystery unfolds slowly. But it is not too slow or too fast. Just the right pace that you stick your butt to the chair and watch the next scene knowingly unknowingly thinking what could possibly happen.
The story is good
I like this one line which i am quoting here.
One wanders, but two goes somewhere

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