Sunday, January 10, 2016

The internet has changed

I left my website in late 2012. From then i hardly gone back at that way. But today i thought why not go back and try not to make any mess this time. But as i am looking. I dont see people checking their emails on the bog cool screens. They are looking on their tiny tiny mobile screens. On some of the mobile devices you cant even read the text without zooming in and out.
People are using small screen to search.
I dont see people now looking for stuff in actual market, they all just have a app for that. Flipkart snapdeal are just few. People look at them and say they are making our life easier. Well those people are the creature i hate.

I want to create a website but the small idea cant do the job. Blogging days are over i think. Lets see what is in it for me. I will not leave it just like that. Maybe it will not become successful but i am keeping my hopes high.

Oh btw it's

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