Thursday, September 29, 2016

Clearing the Text

Removed account from whatapp permanently. The number of messages are reducing day by day. So it was turning out to be a useless app and occupying space and memory in phone. Also looking at the that makes me feel low. But as i am going away from that messaging service. The last message was "Hello" to one, because of whom i came onto whatsapp. I have no intention to go back that ally once i walked. Every moment with that person is related to the text.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amba Cinema

today i was getting ready to go out, then suddenly my friend called me and said that he wants to do bunk. So we did the bunk. But we didn't planned anything for the bunk. And when we met on the inderlok we haven't decided anything. Then we decided to go watch movie. But then all the morning show are expensive in Delhi. But there is one that still cheaper then rest. So we went from there to amba cinema.
The parking inside the cinema hall is good and spacious. and the staff is somewhat friendly and somewhat rude. Go along the rules and you are okay but as soon as you try to break any rule you will feel the rage. Apart from that everything is fine.
Sound and Audio quality is very good. I think it is even better than the multiplex out there. I watched pink here. which is a very good movie and the quality of sound is very good. It not that loud. And the Dolby thing that they have installed is awesome. Picture quality is very good sharp.


It is as good as your stupid pvr, I don't like small things.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Photo of Nehru Planetarium Ticket

This Photo is on the sky show ticket. If you look closely it shows the whole place from an angle.
In the top right corner is the kushak mahal.
The dome shape structure is the actual planetarium. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Bunk College Visit a Museum

The day started as usually waking up and after doing all the chores i went to college. On the way i realized that the weather is very pleasant. So i decided to bunk the college i called my friend and made a plan to go somewhere other than college. After a lot discussion we decided to visit Nehru planetarium and the attached Nehru museum.

At the planetarium we watched a 40 minute long movie about our universe it was full of facts and audio visual. Projection on the dome is very good you will get a feel that you are watching the stars at night. And the air conditioning is also very good. there is nothing much to do other than watching a movie. For that too you have to come early as they only show morning show which is around 11 AM. We did not know that. But whatever the visit is successful i never had the opportunity to visit this museum in my school day so i had fun.

After the museum we went to see the Nehru museum. Actual Nehru planetarium is the part of Nehru museum. That is the residence Jawaharlal Nehru. he died in the building. we felt cold when we were standing in the room where he died.
He was a very famous personality and as he represented India he received quite lot of gift from all around the world. And some of the gift are at the display. Here are some pictures of the gifts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Report submission and poke stop visit

Today i had to submit my training report which i did this summer. I made the report after 2 month. With one version rejected the second version was finally accepted. And i am very happy with all the demonstration of the prototype that i built with the knowledge i gain(i suppose :) ).
After the all this hussle it was time to end the college and come home. But me and my friend decided to take a break from our routine and stoping nearby at hanuman mandir.
There is a pokestop and when you flip the coin there we get few poke balls. I have plenty as i dont use to paly the game often. But my friend finished all his pokeball. So he was very happy to get few balls and he also a poke egg.
Then the next is obvious at the ahuja dhaba. where we get few more pokeballs. He also told me to update my pokemon app to the latest version for using some new features.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Training Report of Embedded System

A lot of you guys will be going to do training and many of you will not be going for training. So here i am sharing the report with you.
Some people may also use this as project report. Since it has home automation in it.

If you like the report please Comment below.


Stiff Lower Back

Date: 20-08-2016

My lower back is getting more stiff as days are passing by. I dont know what is the problem. Today i searched on the internet and found that it might be muscle problem. Hoping that the back situation soon ends up.
Also considering that it might be the chik-v problem.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Day One End : Standing Up with pain

Date : 18-09-2016

Well, the day is coming to its end. And as the day is coming to an end. Some Good finally came up. My moms posture is corrected and she can stand straight up without the bending and other thing happening to her. She still has pain in her knee but that will go in the de course of time. She is taking a mix of giloy and combiflam which is giving her relief. combi she takes only when she feels pain. Not every time.

Day one : arrival of chikungunya symptoms

Date: 18-09-2016

Last week my mother got the ugly chikungunya. At first i did not even know how to pronounce the name of this new virus. After a quick search on the Internet i found out that this is a very pain full kind of virus.

One morning she told that she has fever. we gave her the paracetamol 500mg to bring the fever down. but then the joint pain kicked in and we know it is something different. It was unbearable so we had to take her to emergency.

Rockland hosp. Dwarka very unprofessional staff. Cheap and miser people. After about two hours we got some idea of the chik-v. but we are not sure. and from the symptoms, We are certain that it is chik-v that she got. So started giving some paracetamol(500 and if pain is more then 650mg). this doesn't work. Fever went away as the bodies immune system kicks in. So finally after 4-5 days the fever is not there. A i think this is the acute phase of the chik-v problem and now she is continuing in the sub-acute phase where she now has the joint pain in one knee. She cant stand properly that is another big issue but the knee pain is the main culprit here for the time being.

Now it's my turn to get sick. Yesterday some symptoms appeared like pain in the only  one left hand finger and stiff abdomen and some what pain in the knee.
But toady the real thing stuck. The amount of pain is increasing. i am scared that i will get this silly unbearable knee pain and rashes and all the bad dirty stuff.

To be on the safe side i am taking giloy(patanjali version) and drinking coconut water daily. as the main chef is in bed, resting.  All the food is coming from dhabas. so can't complain about that.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Today I made new friends

Today is a good day. I made some new friends. And the best part of the whole experience was that i don't made the cling on type friend. they are not even the friends. But its good to have a feeling for a while that you have friends. I lost lost contact with people very quickly. So, I can  say that they are new set of connections rather than saying friends.

Making friends is a very difficult task. 
Everyone moved on with their life except me. So, I have decided that i will MOVE ON!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ping Pong Game Using Pic16f877a

Code For the Program

#define _XTAL_FREQ 16000000
#include "mylcd.h"
void menu(int x);
void animation();
void main()
TRISD=0xff; //make the portc higher nibble input and lower nibble as output pins
lcd_init(); //initialise the lcd
menu(1); //main menu is called from 1

void menu(int x)
string("Hitting Game");
string("Press Start");
//main menu
else if(x==2)
//reserved for another menu
string("Player 1 Ready");
//if nothing matchese show this

void animation()
int i;

Sunday, July 31, 2016

What is internet?

As you all know about Internet. There is no need for me to tell you about it. You use it in one way or the other. But latest news and developments has changed the course of the Internet. Well let me tell you how.

First of all the Internet is for people who can pay. IT'S NOT F***ing FREE. It's Not, absolutely not.

Second, every thing you do share and whatever you do is on the INTERNET. So you cant change the history. If you did it then you have  etched it for forever. NO ESCAPING EVER.

these two points are enough for me to explain what is happening. 

I think the security protocols going to be so secure that encryption will the be hardest for anyone. To break into.

We have seen how the encrypted chat software are becoming the next big thing. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

solution for slow wifi on Laptop but fast on mobile device

After the death of my dlink 2730 modem. My setup for the connecting to the Internet has been changed drastically. From a single device managing now i have two separate devices for the networking purposes and both of them has a brain of their own.

I was getting this annoying irritating problem that whenever i connect my laptop with my router the INTERNET speed is in the range of 10 to 15 kilo bytes. that was only the 10% of the bandwidth. So what was the problem.


The problem is with the windows power saving. Windows power saving modes are designed to save power consumption by reducing the bandwidth. I don't know the whole technical details but from what i know.


Change your power saving mode from "Power  saving" to "Balanced OR High Performance".

NOTE: Even in the balance mode when you disconnect your laptop from the adapter the power saving mode kicks in and the speed of the network is again reduced. To overcome this problem you can change the advances settings. But i do not recommend doing that.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Key to learning micro controller programming

Every now and then you will find yourself thinking about a new project and it need  to control some random thing. From Light bulb to turning on a factory to rotating a motor half circle.

To control most of the things you will need a micro-controller. Thats what you need. 
What part to focus on if you are a very beginner.
Well! there are different parts working in a harmony in a controller. But you need to focus on the INPUT and OUTPUT ports for now. 

If you don't know what ports is?
Try goggling them

From Page 1 to Page 4

Eventually everything comes down.
This is the line i am starting my blog with this time. As the latest news in the newspapers is that yahoo is being sold to verizon for something about 4 billion$. 
I searched my lisiting on google search. I started this blog when i left my first college. And for almost two year i was at the first page. But now here i am at standing second from the top at the page 4. Nobody looks at page 4 now a days. They sometimes goes to page 2 but thats it. No one sees page 3. And Page 4 that was the dead end for searches.
Besides that why would anyone look at page 4, anyways. 

Why I lagged behind so much?

Well this is a question that i have been trying to get  the answer. And right now i'm on this conclusion. That i never finish what i start. I go till the very end. But i never finishes that work/play.
I get bored and leave that work. I love other things which are not very productive. And from the past few days i have been trying to find out more about myself. And i have found out that i can work things out for me and for everyone else. 
I also came to know that i am not a team player. I couldnt keep up with anyone. That's what i think for now. But i like working alone. and I like playing the role of a one man army. Well thats how i like to play!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Led Blinking using pic16f877a

The circuit is very simple and it is the basic circuit. It consist of a micro controller and a led and a resistor and power supply. you can make this circuit on breadboard. 

The code is very simple.

#define _XTAL_FREQ 1000000
void main()

Burned Microcontroller

Due to wrong connections and setting wrong fuse bits these micro controllers are dead.

    ~ATMEGA 16
    ~ATMEGA 32
    ~AT TINY 2313

Monday, July 4, 2016

Old Samsung D760 Camera Taken Out for a spin

The best camera is the one which is in your hand. Not the one sitting on a desk. If its not running than that thing if of no use. Use the thing which are around you to make more things which will help you.
Trying to do many thing at once is really hard. 

I try to make myself busy by doing something when i feel like bored. I also have this bad thing that when i go lazy i don't become lazy or sloth like for a  moment or two. But, instead that thing continues building up slowly and it explodes and then when i am out of the lazy circle. I do all the things at a very fast pace. Sometimes i cant really understand what's happening around me. 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Lighting Strike - A View From Hostel Room

As the hostel light went out due to power failure. And the weather was very good. then suddenly it came to may mind that i should make this video from phone and it was also the best time to test the new camera app that i just installed . I think LG g4 camera is good and the low light performance is very good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lg g4 night mode

Playing with the settings in the mannual mode

Friday, March 4, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Vertigo 1958 a Review

In the beginning it was all the scene of a police men running after a culprit on the roof of san fransico homes. And then, all the phobia related scenes and then the case of someone wife. Finding whats wrong with her is the plain job. But no our hero has to fall in love with the wife of someone else. Or one can think of that she lured him into all this.
yeah i know that was what's happening but hey we still in the case. then the usual story goes on the. The mystery unfolds slowly. But it is not too slow or too fast. Just the right pace that you stick your butt to the chair and watch the next scene knowingly unknowingly thinking what could possibly happen.
The story is good
I like this one line which i am quoting here.
One wanders, but two goes somewhere

Sunday, January 24, 2016

While everyone else is doing something important

Here i am making my name out of empty pistachio shells.
I am so behind everyone. I think i should leave what i am doing. Just a few more steps and all will be done. Thats the biggest lie you can ever hear.
Damn it i was wrong at every step of my life. Every important decision is just wrong.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Home made DIY microphone

This is extremely simple. I used some pencil leads and a battery and some other other components.

Playing boom beach

Well as you know i like plting online games. But not very much. I like to play simple games with simple rules. It is very addictive.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

The difference between two generations

The difference between two generations can be found by looking at two editions of the books.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Coin flip

Coin flip trick photography

I never complete the project

I try making plans about everything. But when the implementation part comes it just goes south for me.
Everything from
Studies to personal life.
Why god why
Why cant i live a normal life like others !
Why everything has to be so complicated and hard to get that i lost the spark to cherish the moment.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The internet has changed

I left my website in late 2012. From then i hardly gone back at that way. But today i thought why not go back and try not to make any mess this time. But as i am looking. I dont see people checking their emails on the bog cool screens. They are looking on their tiny tiny mobile screens. On some of the mobile devices you cant even read the text without zooming in and out.
People are using small screen to search.
I dont see people now looking for stuff in actual market, they all just have a app for that. Flipkart snapdeal are just few. People look at them and say they are making our life easier. Well those people are the creature i hate.

I want to create a website but the small idea cant do the job. Blogging days are over i think. Lets see what is in it for me. I will not leave it just like that. Maybe it will not become successful but i am keeping my hopes high.

Oh btw it's

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Laptop Repair

Repaired my laptop today. I went to nehru place to buy some spare parts for dell xps 15 l502x. I talked to a few repair shop but they want to see my laptop which i didnt take. So in the end everyone denied. Then i looked on ebay and found a number i texted him on whatsapp and he replied instantly and said his shop is in nehru place. Luckily i was at the right location . So i decided to there. It was very small shop in the basement with dozens of other shop and the person on the computer gave me the parts which i needed and saved a lot of money. And from the money i saved i also bought a spare battery for my laptop which is chinese. But whatever chinese local.

TOP Cover with front bezel and lcd bracket  ------ 3000/-
battery                                                             ------ 1200/-

Friday, January 8, 2016

Semester 3 Previous Year Question Paper | DCRUST | B Tech | ECE |

Signal and System
Digital Electronics
Network Analysis and Synthesis(OR Circuit and System)
Engineering Economics
Data Structures
Analog Electronics


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Trip to Hauj Khas Village

Me and my friend decided to roam around delhi. We decided to go hauj khas village.
A panoramic view from the madarsa at hauj khas
It's all about Creativity

Mostly Girls and Couples are going there and they wrote their names on the stones.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Only place to eat

I live in a area where is not much to eat. This is a menu that they have. They also have choley bhaturey and thats it.

Delhi odd even fail formula

This is a fail formula or say hittlers rule. I dont like it a bit. I hate kejriwal and his puny party for this. Restriction on movement is against freedom.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A New Year A New Start

2015 just gone.
2016 is IN.
This year will be full of ups and downs. I will learn new things and i will try to stand on my feet.