Saturday, August 9, 2014

Datawind Ubislate 7ci aka AAKASH Tablet

I finally after checking out all the online tablet stores ordered the Ubislate 7ci from flipkart @ 2500/- INR.
I received the product and the same day partially disassembled it.
Here are some pictures which i shoot.
Inside Ubislate 7ci

Seven Inch Display Screen
Inside i found a Chinese tablet hardware all over the place. Not a single component from India. So the company is basically outsourcing the technology. Just the micromax and other brands are doing.
It comes with a wall charger which reminds me  of my Atari and other gaming devices.

I have using this tablet primarily for reading and watching videos. Audio is not very loud you need a quiet place to hear the sound. Audio in headphone is loud and clear. I also like to add that the audio in headphone is louder than most devices out there.

Viewing angle on the device are very bad. When viewing the screen horizontally everything works well. But when you change the orientation the viewing angle are very bad. I have to tilt the tablet to able to view correctly.

Many complaint about its scratches on screen. Mine also came with lots of scratches but on close inspection i found out that it has a protective screen guard already placed. I did try to remove the gurad but i stopped as soon as i found out what is its function.