Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Book Theif

A movie no A heart Peircing story of a little girl and all the people who came in contact of her. When i started watching it was late in the night i just complete
d some work and i thought of watching a movie so i decided that why not i watch the movie i downloaded this evening on tv. I started watching and then after few minutes my mother came and asking me to leave the tv alone for her to watch. And as i did. Then i started watching the movie on my laptop and somewhere in the middle my eyes closed and i felt asleep.
Today is Sunday and i decided to Finnish the movie so i started the movie where i last remembered the scene of a man narrating the story and then i finished watching the movie. I thought that with all the German Hitler era story her all of them die in end. But not with this story the last scene was just breathless the narrator did outstanding work. All of them die except the girl. But it touched my heart.
Books are the best friend that is true because they tell us the truth and what is known as bitter truth is hidden behind different levels of riddle one can only know the truth if he manages to solve the different level of riddles.

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