Friday, January 31, 2014

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Samosa and ladoo

With tamatr ki chutney

Friday, January 24, 2014

Going back to da Homie Game Again

Again Played GTA after a very long time it is still a fun like the old days.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Book Theif

A movie no A heart Peircing story of a little girl and all the people who came in contact of her. When i started watching it was late in the night i just complete
d some work and i thought of watching a movie so i decided that why not i watch the movie i downloaded this evening on tv. I started watching and then after few minutes my mother came and asking me to leave the tv alone for her to watch. And as i did. Then i started watching the movie on my laptop and somewhere in the middle my eyes closed and i felt asleep.
Today is Sunday and i decided to Finnish the movie so i started the movie where i last remembered the scene of a man narrating the story and then i finished watching the movie. I thought that with all the German Hitler era story her all of them die in end. But not with this story the last scene was just breathless the narrator did outstanding work. All of them die except the girl. But it touched my heart.
Books are the best friend that is true because they tell us the truth and what is known as bitter truth is hidden behind different levels of riddle one can only know the truth if he manages to solve the different level of riddles.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some snacks

Sitting on the roof  enjoying some homemade snacks under the winter sun.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fire in a bucket video

Fire in a bucket

Winter are so cold in delhi that either you burn something or pay the bijli ka bill. We choose the old fashion way burn the woox.

Unlocked Amd Sempron 145 Second Core Using the Motherboard Default BIOS

I was browsing about the AMD Sempron 145 processor and I saw a query related to it saying that AMD has processors has a Core which is hidden from the user by default and if the user fiddles with the components then he may get access to it but by default it is hidden so I decided to test it on weather my Sempron can be unlocking and after some looking around the computer. I found out that their is a option given in the BIOS for unlocking the core. So I enabled that unlocking option and WOW! their is a second core. I just made my single core desktop into a dual core desktop running two threads simultaneously. But hey I also read that AMD found some fault in the core so they decided to hide the core from the general users. It is better to unlock the Core if you are doing some heavy number crunching which requires more than normal processor power.
I know where to find it and in future if I need it I will unlock it.
I am also downloading HALO 2 for testing the performance and in the past I played this game for hours for no reason.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Windows vista replaced with 8.1

When i first saw the touch screen

I first saw a touch screen at iitf Delhi where a defense research and development company has displayed a computer built for the army. Well it was huge packed in a case made of cast titanium yes titanium to withstand a blast. at that time it was a technology of future. Here we are in future rigging our home , office and even cloths with touch sensitive responsive displays.

Assembled my first computer

Yesterday I assembled my first computer at home in under 8000 rs.
Gigabyte Motherboard, amd sempron 145, 450 watt smps, zebronics cabinet these parts were bought brand new from janakpuri market at 7000 rs. Monitor and hard disk came from old hp computer(they were old enough to declare dead). Usb mouse and keyboard from laptop accessories.
Installed ugly window vista, drivers that came with motherboard.  Every bit of software is installed via usb hard drive and pen drive.

System specifications:
Amd 2.86ghz sempron 145
Old 14" crt monitor
Amd 760g graphics card




*Ugly windows vista* -> uninstalled and replaced with windows 8.1 pro (downloaded via Internet)