Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Selling NPTEL

Well i don't mean to say they are not worth it. But they are just not designed to make student learn. They are designed to make student copy and follow a strict pattern and when a student diverts his minds and follow another way. There is no way that he is going to get on the track. Like me! my mind keeps on diverting from one thing to other. and i don't really like the Indian MOOC.
They are IITians.
Everything you need to hear is in this sentence. They are made by government. They are teaching basic which in today world only applies to the ideal world object. IITians made the MOOC program so effective for their own use that other people think that they are going to help them as well.
Let me ask them a simple question. How do you know that the subject they are teaching to you is right for your academic upgrade. Sorry i am not a English master or Hindi master. But you are getting the idea.
Each university,school and even private stupid organisation are making their own version of the same program. why don't every single one of you try to be different. It's like one man has done everything and all other are copying them.
Internet gave you the power to make things more simple. You are creating same things again and again. Like NPTEL. I don't know if they made the first MOOC. But in India their lectures are pretty old. I watched 1989 year lecture. Well it was quite interesting and hey it's Science and Engineering.
But my Point is that people are making copy of these lectures and selling them for their profit. Why don't they contribute something to a open project and a single university professor(actual professor who talks not read out some crap from book) edits and watches over it and make it more complex and divine. [some of you are getting the point].

Well i said what i have to say. I am not going to answer any question.
In the END. Guys at NPTEL i really what you do and appreciate it. This article is for those copies your idea and sell to our innocent student.