Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why De pollution of ganga river required urgently?

We have been seeing ganga river from ages. We are using its water for practically almost every thing every day.
The situation have changed a little bit. Today ganga river is more polluted then my toilet. You cannot use its water for anything without proper treatment. Why I am scared about the health of Ganges. I recently reading about the techa river and the mayak region.
What if we de pollute the river and still the radioactove toxin lke in the bed of the river . I am scared about the radioactive waste management. If we dont.take control over the river and clean it properly ganga river could end up like techa river in mayak.
Donot play with the nature. Nature is now irritating.

Want to know about techa river visit

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy mothers day with gifts for her

On mothers day I made two hand made gift for her.
First I make a doll from paper. And then in the evening I made a elaichi flavour kulfi.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Maruti Suzuki Ritz 40000 Km Service

The car is superb. After all it is my first car. The Ritz has touched down a whopping 40K Km mark. Well, in all these km the car is driven only in the traffic of Delhi. 
In this service everything from front bumper to rear bumper from roof to bottom everything took a hit. But it survived everything we threw at her. Even Her Engine is more smoother than ever. 
The 40000 km service charged me about 43 Grand which is a lot but. The difference can be seen.
I am going for the delivery of my serviced ritzy today.

Some Parts which are heavily damaged are listed below:
  1. Clutch (Complete New Package)
  2. AC (Complete Dead Replaced everything from coils to blowers)
  3. Bumper (No bumper)
  4. Regular Service
  5. Complete CNG Refit, Testing.
  6. Full Cleaning (Interior and Exterior {Everything Smelly and Dirty})
Every time car goes for the service the clutch is replaced with new one. 
I think My Driving is not that good. I need to take a Driving Lesson.