Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Blogger Lags Behind?

Well if you have a blog and you have worked on many blogging scripts then you have seen the difference between blogger and other blog scripts.
The question is very tricky but lets try to answer this tricky question.
First of all why do you need a blog. You are a writer and you want to share thing and make it look good while presenting the good.
No that not what i meant. You use blog scripts because it is very easy to operate. And you don't have to manage the interconnection between the article. That is all done by blogger.
Blogger doesn't lag behind. Google is updating is algorithm now and then to make the web more user friendly. So the blogger which enable a user to write and share and spread info. Google loves info. You have it they want it. But here is a trick part. They want it to be accessible to  other user to. Lets say you have a blog which is full of java scripts and other markup languages. and another user on a machine which is not updated will not look at the blog. So here is a solution. Make it simple so that every can read.

Google Blogger doesn't stop you from adding the your own set of rule. They just want you to do it in right way. As the blogger host many blog at a time. And there are very few people monitoring the user activity so they created a set of guidelines which manages the blogger.

" Simple is Powerful "

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