Monday, July 3, 2017

Shutting Down the Blog

This is not the first time i am shutting down anything. Like in the past i have closed so many projects. Well this will now be included in that list.
There are a few things that i have learnt from all these years. I have started doing this internet blogging making small websites and micro blogging trying new websites. I don't know what i was doing and not realized the potential that i had. Which i considered as child play and surfing the web. Now i see people paying huge sums of money for just about anything. because they cant do the stuff so they hire people who can do stuff. I can do stuff but no one is hiring me because i am not marketing myself as they are doing. From narendra modi to a basic web designer the game is to advertise everything that can be sold in the market.
And besides that this blogging thing. People now don't care if you blog or not. mine was never read by people it is always read by the bots. And that too at a very slow rate. I am now moving very fast pace with my life. and i am juggling very important things and with every move i take. I am trying to balance things. because if i cant focus and balance the things then everything will be over.
This Blog is over.
Go on Laugh !!
That's what people do!!!